Trump’s New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Meme On His Border Wall Suggests He’s Never Seen Show

The president posted an Instagram pic that said, "The wall is coming," a reference to the tagline of the popular HBO show.

Donald Trump seems to love “Game of Thrones” memes, but it appears as if he’s never actually watched the HBO series.

Twitter users made that discovery Thursday after the president posted an image on Instagram of his face and the words “The wall is coming,” a reference to “GoT’s” “Winter is coming” tagline.

This came one day after the president brought a similar poster version of a “Sanctions are coming” meme he posted two months ago into a Cabinet meeting.

However, some of the show’s fans noticed a slight problem with Trump’s “wall is coming” post: The Great Wall of Westeros was destroyed during “GoT’s” Season 7 finale.


Other people had problems with Trump’s “wall” meme that weren’t related to “Game of Thrones.”

And one person figured out that the only one who might get through to Trump was Jon Snow.



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