Trump's Unhinged Rant About Gestating A Turkey Might Be His Weirdest Tangent Yet

The president went on a bizarre tangent about the proper way to cook a turkey during his Tuesday night rally in Charleston, West Virginia.

It’s very possible that President Donald Trump might be an even worse cook than he is a president.

At least that’s based on the cooking tips he offered during his Tuesday night rally in Charleston, West Virginia.

He was supposed to be talking about China, but he somehow went on a bizarre tangent about the proper way to cook a turkey.

It started like this:

I have tremendous respect for China. I mean, the energy, the genius … it’s incredible what they have done. We can’t do it, it’s got to be a two-way street. We have only one-way streets. ... You know what bothers me? I have people coming to me, some people in Congress — “Sir, can you get this deal done immediately?”

Then things took a bizarre turn toward “covfefe” when he said the deal wouldn’t work if he followed their advice because “it’s gotta gestate. The word ‘gestate.’”

That’s when Trump went on a tangent that seemed less like a political argument and more like a failed audition for the Food Network.

He said the deal had to gestate “like when you are cooking a chicken. Time … time … turkey for Thanksgiving.”

It got stranger:

My mother would say eight hours. I said, “Eight hours?” … She made the greatest turkey I ever had. It takes time. It takes time. So when they run and say, “Can you do NATO right now? Can you sign it next week?” I say, “Wait a minute.” … I like Mexico. I like the new leader. I think he’s going to be terrific. A little different than us. I think I am doing better with him than with the capitalist. But he knows Mexico needs the United States.

It sounds even more unhinged when you hear it from Trump’s lips:

Dictionary.com defines “gestate” as “carrying in the womb during the period from conception to delivery” or “to think of and develop (an idea, opinion, plan, etc.) slowly in the mind.”

It’s possible that Trump meant “roast,” but even a 30-pound turkey with stuffing needs only six hours in the oven, not eight, according to Butterball.

But since he famously likes to eat steak well done ― the worst possible way ― maybe he meant what he said this time.

Still, Twitter users had various theories about this strange cooking technique called gestating.



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