Trump 'Golden Idol' Statue At CPAC Has A Super-Awkward Origin Story

One of the people behind the stunt comes clean.

The gold-colored statue of Donald Trump that had conservatives lining up for photos at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has a surprising origin, and it’s more than a little awkward given the former president’s rhetoric.

The statue was made in China, both Politico and CNN reported.

“Everything is made in China,” Jose Mauricio Mendoza, a business partner of statue creator Tommy Zegan, admitted to Politico. “I want to be straight because if I’m going to sell these statues, they have to be true.”

CNN even obtained footage of the statue in China, above.

Trump spent much of his administration railing against China, despite having extensive business dealings with the country (himself and his family company). He also hammered China during his CPAC speech.

The creators of the statue originally claimed it was made in Mexico, but Mendoza eventually confirmed the truth to The Independent.

“If somebody says ‘Why would he do it?’ well, I think that you don’t want to have a Trump statue at the CPAC and say ’Yeah, it was made in China,’” Mendoza told the newspaper, adding they could make four statues in China for the price of one elsewhere.

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