Earthquake Near Trump Golf Course Inspires Hilarious Mock Conspiracy Theories

"Maybe Trump was in Bedminster selling bibles again and God was like enough already," one person speculated.

Friday’s earthquake near New York City is shaking up social media in lots of ways ― including inspiring mock conspiracy theories.

Turns out the epicenter for the 4.8 magnitude earthquake was near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, and only 6.5 miles from Donald Trump’s Bedminster National Golf Club.

And after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) posted a tweet suggesting the quake was a message from above to repent, many people on X (formerly Twitter) decided to ponder the “real” reasons for the quake.

And “real” as in “really snarky.”

Oh, and yes, the fact that Ivana Trump, the former president’s ex-wife, is buried at Bedminster did come up. Thanks for asking.

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