Twitter Users Mock Trump For Claiming His ABC Town Hall Went Great

"Are you high?" one person asked the president.

President Donald Trump attempted to put a positive spin on his performance during the ABC town hall Tuesday night hosted by George Stephanopoulos, but Twitter users weren’t having it.

On Wednesday, the president tweeted out a thank you for all the “great reviews” he has supposedly gotten for his appearance. 

Problem is, the president isn’t getting great reviews. Instead, he’s getting panned for several of his comments, including his insistence that months ago he “up-played” concerns about the coronavirus pandemic despite saying in taped conversations with journalist Bob Woodward that he was downplaying it. He’s also getting blasted for the way he tried to dismiss one voter’s concerns about health-care policy, as well as another audience member’s question about race relations.

Reflecting on all of this, Twitter users didn’t pull any punches. 



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