Trump Wanted His Disney Animatronic To Brag About His Skyscrapers, New Book Says

Trump tried to add a line to the script of the Hall of Presidents attraction at Walt Disney World, a former aide claims.

President Donald Trump reportedly wanted to tweak the script of his animatronic likeness at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction to make a quick boast.

The iconic attraction has for decades added new animatronics for each president as they’re elected, complete with audio. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all recorded dialogue for the attraction. In Trump’s case, however, he wanted to personalize the speech with a boast about his pre-presidential business activities.

According to the book “Team of Vipers” by Cliff Sims, who served as director of White House message strategy, the president wanted to add a line about how Americans invented the skyscraper, The Daily Beast reported.

“Then I could add a little, ‘Which, of course, I know a thing or two about,’ right?” Trump reportedly said.

Disney objected, noting that a skyscraper wasn’t really an “invention” but “just a taller building,” and Sims removed the line from Trump’s script, The Daily Beast reported, citing an advance copy of the book.

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