Donald Trump hates the Irish. Upon arrival they were not just destitute, but starving. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions died from malnutrition and exposure during the Great Famine. They practiced a foreign religion, bowed to a Roman potentate. Prone to drunkenness and brawling, cartoonists drew them with monkey features. They were the original shitholers.

Trump hates Italians. The usual canard is that they are all mafiosa, but the standard depiction cast them as poor and ignorant and unskilled. Italians were known for “pick-and-shovel work”, digging ditches. In Jacob Riis’ famous reform essay, How the Other Half Lives, there are images like the woman “In the Home of an Italian Rag-Picker, Jersey Street,” who simply stares vacantly into space, helpless and indigent. Clearly these were shitholers.

Trump hates the Jews. Worse than the Catholics, they had murdered the Savior. Foreign, drifters, tied to no nation, a rootless group with no patriotic mooring. Also incredibly dangerous. One New York police Commissioner at the turn of the century reported that 50% (yes, half!) of the city’s crime came from the Jewish quarter. The epitome of shitholes.

Trump hates the Statue of Liberty. Her inscription calls out the “tired…poor..huddled masses..wretched refuse,” then amazingly requests, ”Send these, the homeless…to me.” She is inviting a universe of shitholers to come here.

There are so many examples: Russians, Greeks, Lithuanians, Portuguese, Slovaks, seen as shitholers when they joined America. The problem is that all these groups defied the slanders, added enormously to this country, made it the nation it is today. They worked hard, built strong families, vibrant communities.

And still do. Bret Stephens in the New York Times reported, “sub-Saharan Africans have ‘among the highest college-completion rates of any immigrant group.’ As for Haitians, the Migration Policy Institute found they had a higher labor participation rate than the overall work force, and had median household incomes of $47,200 — lower than the overall U.S. median, but robust by any developed nation standard.”

Jeff Bezos family is from old American stock. He was raised, however, by his mother’s second husband, Miguel Bezos (they married when Jeff was only four), an immigrant from Mexico. The new father immediately adopted Jeffrey, and gave him his name.

Donald Trump not only hates America’s history, but America today.


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