Twitter Users Eviscerate Trump Tweet Comparing U.S. To Front Lawn

"Tell the people 'OUT,' and they must leave, just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn," Trump wrote.

President Donald Trump’s crankier tweets often give off a “you kids get off my lawn” vibe, but he actually went there in one angry post on Thursday.

It was part of a series of tweets in which he griped about pesky things like due process for asylum seekers.

In the first tweet, Trump called current immigration laws “insane,” ignoring that they are following the rules set down in the Constitution.

In the next one, Trump went into literal “get off my lawn” mode.

As you can probably guess, many Twitter users had a serious problem with his comments.

Some tried to use logic and reasoning. 

Some just point out the falsity of Trump’s comments.

One person argued that Trump’s tweet proves he has no desire to do the No. 1 job of the presidency: defend the Constitution.

Others pointed to a possible solution for Americans.

One Twitter simply suggested Trump’s screeds had something in common with a popular 1970s music group.



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