Trump Insults 800,000 Americans

It is disturbingly clear that the president is appealing to his base of anti-immigrant supporters.
Protesting DACA Termination.
Protesting DACA Termination.

So there is no doubt the 800,000 legal immigrants who Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump want deported came to America as children, attended schools, befriended our children, cheered our teams while their parents worked for us. They are Americans. They receive no welfare, no unemployment benefits, they are students, or employed. These Americans are now in danger of being deported in six months. These 800,000 DACA Americans willingly gave their names and addresses to the federal government in order to be protected by the U.S. laws. They are now being told they will be deported by the same people who said they were safe.

President Trump took seven months to make a decision on DACA and then had the Attorney General Attorney make the announcement. President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio who violated civil rights of Hispanics and defied a federal court order, now rescinds DACA in the name of the rule of law. It is disturbingly clear that he is appealing to his base of anti-immigrant supporters. Jeff Sessions was chosen to give this announcement instead of the president because Trump wanted to send a message to the anti-immigrant community that he was opposed to anything that amounts to amnesty.

Sessions’ statement was filled with false facts and filled with untruths. Sessions’ claim that DACA has somehow contributed to crime is simply false. His claim that DACA is a national security threat is equally absurd. In fact it is the reverse.

The president could have kept the law and gone to Congress and asked them to write a replacement law. He could have said he wanted to support a law that would keep DACA. Instead he chose to simply rescind the law. It is impossible to read his mind. But one suspects that President Trump is going to attach DACA to another one of his plans. In effect, to hold the 800,000 DACA Americans hostage.

Trump wants his border wall built. One anticipates that he will attach DACA to his budget request. If the congress passes a budget that includes money for building a wall on the border of Mexico he will include a provision that allows for DACA terms to be included.

President Trump did not have the courage to make this announcement himself. These Americans are being mistreated for something they did not do. Exposing Americans, who came here when they were children, have led crime-free lives, go to school and are employed, to deportation is unacceptable and not in keeping with any American values.