Trump Is Exhausting, So Treat Yo' Self

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Feeling overwhelmed, scared, despondent, disappointed, hurt, terrified or generally sad about the current state of affairs in the USA? Waking up to hear a press conference like the one Trump delivered this morning can leave you feeling exhausted. Consuming the news and having strong reactions is good, but when it’s day after day of negativity and anger, it’s not healthy. And for those of you out protesting, when was the last time you took the time to “treat yo self”?

With Trump’s terrible executive order after terrible executive order, the weight of the world really starts to feel heavy. You can give all your empathy and time to the good fight for human rights, but it’s important to remember to fight for yourself too. No, it’s not selfish. When you’ve been at the airport for four days straight to protest, or reading every new article you can to stay informed, it is easy to let self-care fall off your to-do list. But self-care is essential. By caring about your health, you can care better for others.

Aydian Dowling is a trans activist who knows the importance of mental health when facing adversity. Whatever you are doing to help keep America and the world a safe place, keep Aydian’s five tips in mind so that you can continue to help. And no matter what, remember, you are allowed to smile if something makes you happy, even in political turmoil.