When a body is sick it often goes through a healing crisis--fevers, chills, aches, pains, stiffness, pustules, eruptions, vomiting... One thing the human body knows how to do naturally is "fix and make better and stronger." The mend on a broken bone is stronger than the bone on either side. The scar tissue on cut skin is stronger than the surrounding skin. The immune system is better able to prevent the same dis-ease... Sickness is an uncomfortable process toward healing and health. However, once through the process and on the other side is improvement and well-being.

We have planetary dis-ease. We're going through a planetary healing crisis, affecting every broken (sick) system not in harmony: governmental, economic, financial, environmental, medical, health, religion... History shows the symptoms have appeared before--concentration of wealth and power, highly leveraged debt, devaluing and manipulation of the currency (inflation), authoritarian non-benevolent, governance, greed, doctors treating symptoms and not causes, placing greater value on the form and rules than the essence and intention, making product and process more important than people, increasing fears, extreme polarization, militarization, nationalism, national protectionism, scapegoating...

Eventually there is a correcting re-action, a revolution, a war, a depression, a plague, a draught, a flood... The systems and structures need to be torn apart and rebuilt, then a phoenix rises from the ashes.

It seems clear to me that the symptoms won't be fixed by those who caused them, so why look to most of the politicians, bankers, AMA, regulators, corporations or churches to provide the remedies? The solutions and corrections need to initiate from the inside out, not the top down. From the individual people, working cooperatively together. Working for what they want rather than against what they don't.

Where we look is where we go. What we call reality is determined by our focus. Even quantum physics is now realizing this and that what we've taught metaphysically is true--energy follows thought, manifestation follows energy.

The more we fight against something the more energy we give it and the more it endures, and strengthens. You’ve probably heard, “What you resist persists.”

The solution? Rather than focus on and put energy toward what we don't want, focus on what we want more of.

Every parent has seen a demonstration of this when they instruct their children, "Don't spill the milk!" What happens? Spilt milk. Is this because the child is clumsy? Disobedient? Rebellious? Stupid? No, the parent hasn't yet learned how to give an instruction. They have created an image of spilled milk with their order--where you look is where you go. This is unconscious. If we knew better we'd do better. What would work better? "Hold on tight. Put the glass on the table. Drink the milk..." Focus on and create images of what we want more of.

What is the positive opposite of what we’re complaining about or don’t agree with or want to be different or are fighting against? That’s where we need to practice placing our focus. That’s where we need to look.

This is a significant change of consciousness and old habits and behaviors. It takes practice, and support.

From my perspective, we need to rebuild from the inside out, beginning with each of us, individually. One of my current favorite phrases is, "If each man sweeps in front of his own door soon the entire street will be clean." How do we do this? We help and assist each other to learn the skills needed to deal with dramatic and increasingly rapid change. We need to build and make important the invisible inner qualities and skills--acceptance, understanding, enthusiasm, strength, courage, empathy, compassion, kindness, trust, faith, humor, detachment, love... When these become more important than material “success”, possessions, titles and such we will see significant positive change. Will this ever happen? We’ll see. Personally I don’t want to participate in the alternatives, nor the present common approaches. They are not working.

The issue isn't the issue. The issue is what we do with the issue. It's not what happens out there, but what we do with happens out there. We have the ability to respond and many choices about our response. We have response-ability.

Those looking for external answers, solutions and leadership will experience pain and struggle through the process.

That's why people like you, and our many friends, and me are needed more than ever now. We are ones who have made this personal transformation important and have dedicated their lives to higher consciousness, compassionate service, peace, kindness, cooperation, giving, self-development, personal growth, human potential and love... We have made the experience more important than the symbols, the invisible more important than the visible. Through our demonstration and our work we will eventually reach critical mass and heal the sickness. This is the way of nature, and we are part of nature. The process will unfold easier and quicker when we come into cooperation with it, rather than fight it.

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