Trump Is President Because Too Many On the Left Put Faith in Late Night Comedy Rather Than Policy: Call This the Daily Show Epic Fail

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The Daily Show was an epic fail: irony and snark lost to the reality of Trump, as it were. Trump is president because the left, liberals and especially younger people put their faith in late night comedy rather than policy. Even now, two months-plus into Trump’s term, liberals still haven’t figured out that the reason he’s president is because millions of union members and many left-leaning nonvoters decided to show up for Trump rather – as it were—than for the late night comedy political correctness.

Trump even improved on the GOP’s numbers among blacks and Latinos, when compared with 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s results. Progressives who want to win won’t do it with snarky news summaries.

I like Samantha Bee and enjoyed being on her show but she won’t save us from the alt-right. Nor will any of the other late night smart set…

Want to win again? Focus on policy.

Want to resist Trump? Work for the DNC, join the ACLU, fight for the unions, defend the press, run for congress… but forget the trendy lefty comedians. SNL is not salvation but just catharsis.... READ THE REST HERE (And watch my new 5 min video too)