Twitter Users Make Drastic Improvements To Trump's 'ISIS Map' With Photoshop

The president wanted the visual aid to show that his administration was stopping terrorism, but Twitter users had other ideas.

Donald Trump is claiming that Islamic State will be eradicated by Wednesday evening, and he’s got the maps to prove it.

During a press conference, Trump said ISIS will be “gone by tonight” and, as proof, he held up two maps that he said showed how ISIS presence in Syria and throughout the Middle East has declined since he was elected in 2016, according to Politico.

“This was on election night in 2016. Everything red is ISIS. When I took it over, it was a mess. Now, on the bottom, that’s the exact same; there is no red. In fact, there’s actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight,” he said, according to

Bloomberg via Getty Images

But while the visual aids were supposed to make Trump’s case that his administration was stopping terrorism, many Twitter users felt inspired to replace the map images with pictures they deemed more appropriate.

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