Trump Attempts Michael Cohen Joke But Twitter Users Get Last Laugh

One person suggested the president "Better call Saul."

Now that Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to illegally interfering in the 2016 election, President Donald Trump may be questioning whether he does, in fact, hire the best people.

That seemed to be the case Wednesday morning when Trump attempted to make a joke about his former lawyer and personal fixer on ― where else? ― Twitter:

Whether or not you think the joke is funny is a matter of personal taste, but it definitely set up some funny responses from Twitter users eager to get the last laugh.

Some people couldn’t believe Trump sent that particular tweet.

Others pointed out how Trump didn’t always feel this way about Cohen.

Other people suggested alternative lawyers.

Others had questions. Lots of questions.

One guy admitted he thought Trump’s tweet was pretty funny....

But others weren’t laughing.

Finally, one woman made a point that no doubt echoed the thoughts of many Americans right about now.



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