Trump Jokes His Supporters Were 'Protecting' Biden's Bus On Highway

The incident, which saw Trump supporters swarm a campaign bus on a Texas highway, led to a vehicular collision.

President Donald Trump on Sunday mockingly claimed that his supporters were “protecting” a campaign bus belonging to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden when a caravan of vehicles dangerously surrounded it on a Texas highway, leading to a vehicular collision.

“They were protecting their bus yesterday because they’re nice,” Trump said at a rally in Michigan to cheers, laughter and applause.

Video that captured the situation in Hays County on Friday showed the tour bus being surrounded by vehicles with Trump flags.

The person recording it jokes that they’re trying to run Biden out of Texas. As the camera pans to the surrounding drivers, two vehicles directly behind the bus ram into one another. One of the vehicles was reportedly being driven by a volunteer with Biden’s campaign.

A Biden campaign official, speaking with CNN, said the drivers cut off the bus and forced it to drop its speed to 25 mph. Staffers on the bus reportedly called 911 amid the chaos.

Biden’s campaign and state Democrats canceled multiple events in Texas following the incident.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, when asked about the video on Sunday, said that Trump wouldn’t endorse “hurting other people.” On Saturday, Trump tweeted a video of the vehicles with the caption: “I LOVE TEXAS!”

“Certainly you don’t want harm, and we shouldn’t be hurting other people so the president would not endorse that,” McDaniel said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

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