Twitter Bashes Incredibly Awkward 'Style' Shot Of Donald Trump Jr.

"And the tree was like, 'Get off me!'"

Donald Trump’s oldest son struck a forlorn, stiff pose for a photo accompanying a profile piece on him in the New York Times Style section Saturday that was decidedly ... unstylish. But it sure got Twitter’s juices going.

The photo was an apt illustration for the article, which made the point that Donald Trump Jr., 39, has felt out of place in Manhattan — and even in the public eye — and has yearned for the great outdoors (even though he took a lot of heat from the public for his Big Game hunting spree in Africa).

It has clearly been an awkward, if high-profile, time for Junior, who was blasted during the presidential campaign for comparing refugees to bad Skittles and said that women who can’t handle sexual harassment should get out of the workforce.

“If I could miracle myself away, I’d live out West,” he told the Times.

He still looks out of place in the woods, though. For the photo at pop’s estate in upstate New York, Trump dumped his usual suit and donned instead a red plaid flannel shirt and slightly faded jeans. But his trademark slicked-back hair was still there and he sported what appeared to be a brand-spanking-new pair of hiking boots. Then he arranged himself, awkwardly, in the woods on a tree stump (which some tweeters took as a metaphor for his dad’s vision for the environment). Junior did not look like a tree-hugger.

Twitter focused on the sad woods around Trump, his stiffness and his apparent isolation in the photo. Then there were a few nasty tweets.