Trump Keeps Winning. Now Time to Engage.

Donald Trump's big victories on Tuesday night were no surprise. And as he continues to dominate the Republican field, it scares me more and more that we could wake up on November 9th with a President-Elect Donald Trump.

His diatribes against women, immigrants, Muslims, you name it, should have no place in American politics. Yet here we are, days after Super Tuesday, with Donald Trump as the clear Republican presidential frontrunner.

If there's any silver lining to Trump's dangerous extremism - and the rest of the Republican presidential candidates following him down the rabbit hole - I hope it's that it will energize us to get more involved in the political process, whether that means talking more to our disengaged friends about the importance of voting, or registering to vote for the first time.

Because the truth is, elections do matter.

We have a choice between candidates (Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) who have hired DREAMers as key, valued strategists, and candidates (everyone remaining on the Republican side) who support deporting DREAMers. Just the other day Marco Rubio said he'd end DACA, the program that protects people who were brought to the United States as children (DREAMers), on Day One if he became president. In the last Republican debate, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz argued over the details of mass deportation.

We have a choice between candidates (Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) who have made college affordability a key part of their platforms, and a candidate (Trump) who created a fraudulent "university" that didn't even offer degrees; or another candidate (Marco Rubio) who stood up for the Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit entity that closed, leaving thousands of students in debt. And here's the kicker - Corinthian Colleges shut down just after the Department of Education "fined the company $30 million for falsifying job-placement rates."

We have a choice between candidates who, during their Super Tuesday speeches, advocated for criminal justice reform (Bernie Sanders) or condemned the toxic water situation in Flint (Hillary Clinton), and a candidate (Donald Trump) who won't immediately, unequivocally renounce support from a former KKK grand wizard.

The difference between the Republican and Democratic candidates in the 2016 presidential primary election couldn't be more profound. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are putting forward a vision of America that embraces immigrants, protects the environment, and promotes equal opportunity for all students. That's a vision that I know I support, and that the vast majority of the young people I know support as well. Meanwhile, the Republican candidates are literally bickering over who has bigger hands, and when and how many millions of people integral to the fabric of our nation should be deported.

Sure, it can be a turn off when day after day the news is about political attacks or the latest gaffe from a candidate. But instead of disengaging, let's mobilize our families, friends, and communities to vote in the 2016 elections for the candidates who best put forward a vision for America that we could truly be proud to be a part of.