Ex-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Urges Georgia Voters To Boycott Runoff Elections

Appearing at a "Stop the Steal" rally, the conservative firebrand implied once again that the state’s voting machines are not trustworthy.

Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for the Trump campaign, told Georgia residents this week to boycott the Senate runoffs on Jan. 5 because their state’s voting machines are archaic and cannot be trusted.

Powell, who had been working to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, made the eyebrow-raising remarks during a Wednesday appearance at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Atlanta. The two runoffs will decide which party ends up controlling power in the Senate.

“There should not be a runoff, certainly not on Dominion machines,” she told the crowd. “I would encourage all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure. I mean that regardless of party. We can’t live in a free republic unless we know our votes are legal and secure.”

The former federal prosecutor and conservative firebrand has falsely claimed that Georgia’s voting machines ― manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems ― were rigged to weigh Biden’s votes more heavily than those for President Donald Trump. She has provided no evidence to support that.

A statement issued by Dominion Voting Systems last week dimissed Powell’s claims as “baseless, senseless, physically impossible, and unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.”

Days later, a Washington Post review of 10 states (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) found that the majority of counties that used Dominion machines were actually won by Trump, not Biden.

On Wednesday, however, Powell doubled down on her claims, suggesting that voter fraud took place in all 50 states.

“I think we will eventually find that the algorithm that flipped votes at a certain percentage from Trump to [Joe Biden] was run all across the country,” she said. “There might be a few areas that it wasn’t used in, but not many.”

In recent weeks, the Trump campaign has made a distinct effort to distance itself from Powell after she vowed to “blow up” Georgia with a “biblical” court filing. Later, she was widely mocked on social media after filing typo- and error-filled legal documents alleging that voter fraud took place in Michigan and Georgia.

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