Chris Christie Reveals Why Donald Trump Wears Such Long Ties

The president told the former New Jersey governor that long ties have a slenderizing effect.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may have revealed a huge secret about Donald Trump.

No, not about Russian collusion, silly, but why the  president wears such long ties.

For some reason, Trump likes to wear his ties down to his fly. The bizarre sartorial choice has inspired both Twitter parody pages and speculation among experts as to the reasoning.

University of Massachusetts psychology professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne once speculated Trump used the long ties to either call attention to his genitalia or take the focus away from his gut. 

Turns out it may be the latter, according to Christie’s upcoming book, Let Me Finish. 

According to an advanced copy given to The Guardian, the former governor of New Jersey said Trump told him on multiple occasions wearing a long tie would make him look thinner.

The paper said the first time came in 2005 when Trump said “you gotta look better to be able to win” in politics.

In 2016, Trump reminded him about his theory that a longer tie would make him look thinner. 

Fashion experts don’t agree. GQ said a man’s tie should fall no further than the middle of his waistband or his belt.

London-based tailor Jack Stammers thinks the president’s tie theory is backfiring.

“I would say he’s got it wrong,” Stammers told ThisIsInsider.com. “If anything it makes it look like his tie is too long, giving the impression of a short body.”




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