The Restaurant That Trump And Macron Are Eating At Is A Giant Tourist Trap

Basically the equivalent of dining inside the Statue of Liberty.

President Donald Trump and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, will round out a busy day in Paris on Thursday with a meal at Le Jules Verne, a Michelin-starred restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. The city is a gastronomer’s paradise, and yet Trump and first lady Melania will be dining in one of the most cliché venues imaginable. 

Macron invited the U.S. president to France to celebrate Bastille Day and commemorate the one-year anniversary of the attack in Nice. And while the majority of French citizens don’t appear to mind the invitation, Trump is not exactly going for the most authentic French visit, opting for Paris’ most tourist-filled destination. 

The City of Light has several restaurants that are Michelin-starred, a prestigious rating created by the French tire manufacturer and awarded to only a select number of restaurants. But the Trumps will hold their dinner feast at Le Jules Verne because of the emblematic location, recognized by people the world over, a spokesperson for the presidential Elysée Palace told HuffPost France.

The menu boasts specialties like foie gras and duck confit, according to the Michelin guide ― items that Trump, known for his pickiness, most likely wouldn’t ever touch. The menu is also commended for its wine pairings ― equally ironic since Trump doesn’t drink alcohol.

French chef Alain Ducasse (front row, 4L) and French Foreign Affairs minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (front row-5L) pose for a pic
French chef Alain Ducasse (front row, 4L) and French Foreign Affairs minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (front row-5L) pose for a picture with French chefs on top of the the Arc de Triomphe (Arch of Triumph) on March 21, 2017 in Paris

Perhaps it’s the throngs of tourists that are certain to greet him upon his arrival that sold Trump. Or perhaps it was the grandeur that the restaurant promises and its commanding views of the city.

Le Jules Verne is owned by Alain Ducasse, a highly regarded restaurateur who runs several other Michelin-starred restaurants in some of Europe’s fanciest hotels, like the Plaza Athénée in Paris and The Dorchester in London.

Ducasse describes his restaurant as “a unique venue infused with dreams and magic.”

One review described the restaurant as “viscerally patriotic.”

“Private elevator access in the south pillar brings you to the second floor of the most famous tower in the world. This alone invokes a sense of undeniable privilege,” another review said.

Sounds right up Trump’s alley. 

Marine Le Breton and HuffPost France contributed reporting.

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