Trump Touts Putting 'Minors' Back To Work, Twitter Goes Giddy

“Hopefully the miners get work also.”

A captioned video posted to Donald Trump’s Facebook page Friday shows the proofreading-challenged president (apparently backed by a staff with a similar problem) at Wednesday’s Iowa campaign rally boasting about putting “minors” back to work.

That’s all it took for Twitter to gleefully go nuts.

Almost as provocative was Trump’s boast about “ending the war on clean beautiful coal” — which he claims will put miners back to work.

Lots of Facebook comments pointed out the spelling error, but it remained on Trump’s page Friday night, five hours after it was posted.

“Hopefully the miners get work also,” one person commented. “I mean it’s great for our youth to have employment, but mining seems kind of dangerous as a first job.”

Some tweeters pointed out the same mistake was made in a joke scene on the film “Galaxy Quest.”

Tweeters mocked the idea of the Trump administration putting children to work — and couldn’t resist the opportunity to goof on the mistake.

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