Trump Turns MLK Day Tweet Into Tribute To His 2017 Inauguration

The president cared more that Jan. 20 marked the third anniversary of his inauguration than the commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

Donald Trump decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day the only way he knows how: with a tweet focused on himself.

On Monday, the president tweeted that the day marked the three-year anniversary of his inauguration before somehow tying that into the commemoration of King’s birthday. 

Considering the many times the president used racism and racist rhetoric to build up his campaign and his real estate business, it’s no surprise that many Twitter users weren’t exactly impressed.

Although Trump had no official plans to honor King, he and Vice President Mike Pence did reportedly visit the MLK memorial for about a third of a minute after sending the tweet Monday.

This article has been updated to note Trump and Pence briefly were at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on Monday.



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