Trump's 'Moot' Typo Sends Twitter Into Meme Overdrive

The president sought to deny a report that he wanted a snake-filled border moat to stop migrants.

President Donald Trump is once again accusing the media of “Fake News!” This time, it’s over a story reporting he wanted to fortify the U.S.-Mexico border with a snake-filled moat.

But an unfortunate typo is making Trump’s claim “moot” ― literally.

The New York Times published an article late Tuesday reporting that the president had discussed some very extreme measures to prevent migrant border crossings, including shooting immigrants in the legs and the aforementioned moat stocked with snakes or alligators.

On Wednesday, Trump sought to deny the story. But when he tried to spell things out on Twitter, he misspelled “moat” as “moot” in a now-deleted tweet.

But screenshots live forever!

donald trump tweet
donald trump tweet

As is typical when the president tweets a typo, the reaction was fast, furious and snarky.

One person predicted Trump’s tweet, even though it’s been deleted, will have one major effect:

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