Trump Mocked After Claiming He's 'Most Innocent Man' In U.S. History

"Innocent people don't say things like this," one person noted on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s penchant for hyperbole reached new heights Monday evening in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

During a rally there, the chief executive started griping about the many investigations he’s faced while in office, including the Mueller report, which Trump has falsely claimed exonerated him.

Despite $48 million spent on the investigation over two and a half years, the investigation didn’t result in Trump’s arrest, mainly because the Department of Justice has a policy not to indict a sitting president.

Still, Trump claimed that the lack of charges against him ― despite lots of evidence ― made him, in his words, “perhaps the most innocent man anywhere in the history of the United States.”

That’s a dubious claim on many levels, and one that may fall apart if Trump loses the election, since that will make it easier for prosecutors to investigate him, according to the legal-news website Law & Crime.

Not surprisingly, many people on Twitter mocked the president’s insistence that he is truly a victim who never did anything wrong to anyone, anywhere.

You can listen to Trump declare his innocence in the video below, beginning around the 15:50 mark.

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