Trump National Security Aide Claimed Hillary Spied On Her By Helicopter

We’ve become acutely aware, since November 8, of the circus troupe that has been assembled into what is ostensibly a cabinet for Donald Trump’s administration. There’s no shortage of conspiratorial tendencies among the Trump ranks. Deputy Secretary of State John Bolton recently stated that the entire Russian hacking of Democratic Party emails was a false flag perpetrated by the Obama administration. Former Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has repeated his fair share of conspiracy theories. This week, we learned of another “Fox News” appointment: Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, whose baffling conspiracy theories follow the trend on Trump’s hiring choices. In 2006, McFarland ran for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, and claimed that Hillary Clinton was so afraid of her that she used helicopters to keep her under surveillance.

It’s difficult to postulate: the deputy National Security Adviser, someone who publicly made up that a member of the Senate was keeping her under helicopter surveillance, will be second in command in our national security efforts. On the one hand, we have no choice but to become accustomed to this type of insanity ― with Trump’s selections, we’re looking at 30-40 years of this type of influence ― but at the same time, this cannot be normalizing, as we’ve seen from corporate media. Trump’s cabinet choices are either overwhelmingly dangerous to our country, or complete and utter maniacs. Trump is not a normal president, and neither is his cabinet, and corporate media must be reminded of that at any opportunity.