'Dude Is Terrified': Trump Mocked For Bizarre 'Closing Message' To N.H. Voters

The former president goes off-track in a Fox News interview.

Donald Trump can’t seem to keep his legal troubles off his mind ― or out of his speech.

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday asked the former president for his “closing message to the people of New Hampshire” days ahead of the state’s first-in-the-nation 2024 presidential primary.

“It’s very simple: It’s make America great again,” he said, repeating the slogan he’s had for nearly a decade now.

But then his answer took a sharp turn as he urged the Supreme Court to stick up for him in two key cases:

“One is as we discussed, we call it Colorado or whatever,” he said, referring to the 14th Amendment case, which could potentially keep him off the ballot in certain states under the “insurrection clause.”

The second is his long shot attempt to block prosecution for alleged crimes he committed while president. Trump and his attorneys have argued that presidents have “absolute immunity” over anything they did while in office unless impeached and convicted first.

Even a president who orders the assassination of a rival would be immune under that argument, his attorneys said in court.

“If you take immunity away from the president ― so important! ― you will have a president that’s not gonna be able to do anything,” Trump told Hannity, adding that presidents would otherwise be prosecuted after leaving office.

Trump’s critics on X sounded off on the unusual “closing message” to New Hampshire voters:

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