Trump Suggests Stopping COVID-19 Tests Would Result In Fewer Cases

One Twitter user took the president's logic to its extreme and suggested, "If you stopped charging people with murder you'd have no murder convictions."

President Donald Trump has made a lot of concerning statements about COVID-19, but he outdid himself on Monday.

During a roundtable on “Fighting for America’s Seniors,” the president suggested that not testing for the coronavirus could be one way of reducing reported cases.

“If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” the president said.

It’s an argument the president has made before. To be clear: Not testing people for COVID-19 would reduce the number of new cases being reported, but would have no effect on reducing the number of people who actually have the disease.

Vice President Mike Pence supported the president’s statement, which Trump may have meant as a PR tactic rather than literal scientific evidence. Trump has consistently been concerned about the PR aspect of rising coronavirus figures.

Still, Twitter users had a field day taking the president’s quotes to hilarious extremes.

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