For Trump's Debate: Birth Certificates, Mothers' Hospital Records From All Candidates

Donald Trump is so concerned about the birth place of presidential candidates that he must demand birth certificates -- long-form -- and mothers' hospital records for each candidate before they "qualify" to appear on stage for the latest version of an unreality show.

Otherwise, by focusing only on the president, Trump might be considered racist, and we all know that he has great relations with "the blacks," perhaps because, from Ann Coulter "our blacks" are better than "their blacks."

Once the president produced his birth certificate, Trump was... well... trumped. What to do? Demand records of his mother's hospital stay when she gave birth.

OK, let us see the records of all the candidates' mothers when they were in the hospital delivering little Newtie, Ricky, Michelle, Ricky, Willard. Jonnie and Ronnie will not be there, but we ought to see those too.

Just for the hell of it, we ought to demand Donald Trump's long-form birth certificate, and records from when momma Trump delivered little Trumpy as well.

Who knows, in those records may be the explanation for everything.