Trumps And Obamas Share Awkward, Tense Moment At George H.W. Bush Funeral

It didn't help that Hillary and Bill Clinton were seated near them, too.

The Trumps, Obamas and Clintons sat next to one another at George H.W. Bush’s funeral on Wednesday morning ― and it was as awkward as you’d expect.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump took their seats in the front row next to former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the Washington National Cathedral. As Melania Trump moved into the pew, she leaned over and shook former President Bill Clinton’s hand and waved to Hillary Clinton, who was sitting next to her husband. Both Trumps shook hands with the Obamas, but President Trump did not offer his hand to the Clintons.

After Melania Trump waved to Hillary Clinton, the camera panned out and viewers could see the former secretary of state nodding her head, seemingly annoyed.

While it’s customary that all current and former presidents and their spouses attending a funeral service for a former president sit in the front row at the cathedral, it definitely made for some stressful live television.

Viewers hilariously noted the awkward exchange on Twitter, pointing out just how tense the moment was.

Some even pointed out former President Jimmy Carter’s side eye, as Michelle Obama and President Trump shook hands. Scroll below to read more reactions.

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