Trump On ISIS

WOLF: I have a report here quoting you as saying that President Obama invented the secret terrorist society known as ISIS. Is that true?

TRUMP: I said it, didn't I? Okay?

WOLF: How do you justify such a wild charge?

TRUMP: What's wild about it? I can prove it easily.

WOLF: Alright, go ahead and prove it.

TRUMP: Have you ever noticed that Obama's middle name is Hussein?

WOLF: You have mentioned that often enough to prove that he's a Muslim, which he's not.

TRUMP: Forget about that for a minute. Just look at the letters in the name Hussein.

WOLF: What about them?

TRUMP: You don't see ISIS in there? Two esses and one "i"? I admit the word is missing the second "i" but it does have an "e" and some people spell ISIS "ISIL," okay?

WOLF: By that criterion, you invented the rump because your name is Trump.

TRUMP: Actually, my real name is Drumpf, and my father invented the dump truck.

WOLF: Does that make your mother a frump?

TRUMP: Watch yourself there, fella, or I'll get some of my Second Amendment friends to do me a favor.

WOLF: Are you threatening me? Like you did Hillary Clinton?

TRUMP: No, I'm just using a figure of speech.

WOLF: Sounds like a threat to me.

TRUMP: Just go with the flow, which your first name spells backwards.