Trump Pardoning Guilty Arpaio? Then Pardon 'Jose and Maria' Equivalents

Arizona Republic paper highlights US Judge returning criminal contempt verdict on Joe Arpaio with GUILTY.
Arizona Republic paper highlights US Judge returning criminal contempt verdict on Joe Arpaio with GUILTY.

This past Sunday, Donald Trump told Fox News he was seriously considering a pardon for the ousted Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was found guilty for his criminal offense. The law is the law and history allows us to see very clearly Arpaio had no respect for the law because he thought he was above the law. According to the Arizona Central, “ Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s own words were the linchpin in the case against him, his quotes cited more than 20 times in a federal judge's ruling that found him guilty of criminal contempt of court.”

If you are reading this telling yourself: “Yeah, but Trump is just deporting the ‘bad hombres’ and so forth,” then allow me to prove you wrong.

  1. Maria Sanchez is a registered nurse from the Bay Area while Eusebio Sanchez went from working construction to be a full time truck driver who pay their taxes, obeyed the law, and sent two of their four children to college.
  2. According to the Washington Post: A well respected coffee farmer and a pillar of the Hawaiian community whose deportation fight turned him into a symbol in the debate over U.S. immigration policy has returned to Mexico after losing a legal battle to remain in the United States.
  3. What about a father of four — Jesus Lara Lopez who was forced and torn apart from his family and made leave in July? According to the Cleveland news: Lopez worked at Pepperidge Farm in Willard. He had a valid work permit, according to his attorney David Leopold.

Countless stories emulate the three recent examples I have given above.

In addition to the constant immigration scares, you can add more to that list. We know a North Korean nuclear crisis is more than likely eminent and coming to a head which could only spark a global nuclear arms race like never before. We have seen the 45th United States President lose the popular vote by a few million where his campaign was helped by the Russians hell bent on meddling with our US elections process to ensure Hillary (a woman with experience) was defeated. Christian evangelicals have turned themselves inside-out and worship corruption with their Trump idolatry making themselves look like hypocrites as they pervert what Christ taught. Trump has threatened our military against Venezuela — no doubt to deflect from the Russian scandal and his own poor leadership. Because of Trump’s big mouth, Maduro is calling for exercises after the threat was made.

And now Trump wants to go on the record to vindicate an Arizona guilty man who has violated our Civil Rights with racial profiling?

Pardoning Arpaio goes against every word #45 said in his yesterday’s teleprompter speech he made about racism in Charlottesville that led to 3 deaths. In a CNN appearance with fellow xenophobe Lou Dobbs, ex Sheriff Joe Arpaio joked, "Well you know, they call you KKK. They did me. I think it's an honor. It means we're doing something."

Does Trump dare make himself look like a hypocrite with people who joke and consider it an honor to be like the KKK after his Charlottesville speech? I doubt the “Divider in Chief” really cares as Americans watch numerous outbreaks in protest with another Civil War crisis taking place. Putin must be proud watching us divide ourselves and spread ourselves very thin with our military.

Should Trump pardon Joe Arpaio ... it should be relatively easy for immigration advocates to ask Trump to pardon immigrants who are committing a mere civil offense. It’s a double-edged sword — and a sword of truth we will want to use.

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