Now Trump Is Selling Overpriced Straws To Thirsty Fans Just To Own The Libs

That'll teach 'em.

President Donald Trump’s campaign is offering an unusual new item for sale: commemorative plastic straws with the president’s name on them.

“Liberal paper straws don’t work,” claims a tweet promoting the straws.

The Team Trump account then asks supporters to “stand with President Trump” by using his special “laser-engraved” plastic straws at just $15 for a pack of 10 (plus shipping). Typically, 1,000 plastic straws retail for about $10, making the Trump straws 150 times more expensive.

A growing number of communities are banning or restricting single-use plastic straws due to their environmental harm, and some companies have voluntarily phased them out. That move has become a point of grievance in right-wing media, with Fox News doing multiple segments railing against straw bans.

Given that the goal ― aside from raising money for the 2020 election ― is to mock the environmental agenda of the left, the page promoting the straws included a curious fact: These straws are recyclable, reusable and BPA-free.

At least they’re made in the U.S., unlike a number of items for sale at the Trump Organization store.

Twitter critics, however, said the straws just plain sucked:

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