Trump Tweeted About The Pulse Massacre And It Went Just As Well As You'd Expect

AKA really, really badly.

Donald Trump acknowledged the Pulse Massacre on Twitter Monday and users weren’t having any of it.

The president’s tweet ― which he sent at 11:58 a.m. to mark one year after a gunman entered the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and murdered 49 people, most of them queer people of color ― read “We will NEVER FORGET the victims who lost their lives one year ago today in the horrific #PulseNightClub shooting. #OrlandoUnitedDay.”

Twitter users were quick to respond and call Trump out for a whole host of reasons.

Some were still angry about the tweet he sent last year while a presidential candidate, which was deemed by some as a “humble brag” rather than a true show of concern for the victims or the LGBTQ community.

Some pointed out the lack of support that Trump has shown for the LGBTQ community, his decision to rescind President Barack Obama’s directive on trans rights and his choice of anti-queer Mike Pence as his vice president:

Others called Trump out for failing to recognize June 2017 as Pride Month with an official White House proclamation ― something Obama did every year he was in office:

And some used the opportunity to challenge the president on gun safety:

A few people wanted to make it clear that Trump’s tweet doesn’t even mention the LGBTQ community:

Moral of the story? It takes a lot more than just a tweet to be considered an ally ― and don’t mess with the queer community. They don’t play.

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