It's The Great Trump Pumpkins, Charlie Brown

Creative Americans (and even Scots) are scaring up their Halloween Donalds.

Who’s the most popular creature in Carmel, Indiana, just now? “Trumpkin,” a scarecrow dressed in a blue suit with small hands and a big pumpkin head topped by straw hair that looks a lot like you-know-who. 

Trumpkin stands in a private yard facing Main Street in the Indianapolis suburb, where it’s become a favorite feature of selfies. One neighbor complained to The Indianapolis Star that the pumpkin was attracting too much attention. But a city official told the local Fox TV station that authorities have received no complaints — and that the property owner is now considering adding a Pence-kin.

One passerby complained to a WTHR-TV news crew that the Trumpkin was “disrespectful,” but the owners said it was “just for fun.”

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Trumpkin is hardly the only presidential look-alike taking up residence in yards and stoops this year for Halloween. 

The president was destined to become the model for Halloween pumpkins everywhere (he was already a popular pumpkin model last year), particularly given the often-orangish tint of his complexion. There’s even a hashtag #Trumpkin featuring a burgeoning population of jack-o’-lanterns inspired by the commander in chief. Even a bakery in Dundee on the east coast of Scotland is getting in on the fun with “angry orange” Halloween cookies in the image of Trump, reports The Evening Telegraph.