Trump Doubles Down, Tells Lauer That Ramos 'Was Totally Out Of Line'

Trump also defended reigniting his feud with Megyn Kelly.

It seems Donald Trump has found yet another journalist to bully on the playground.

Trump doubled down on his treatment of the journalist Wednesday, telling Matt Lauer from NBC’s “Today” show that the Fusion anchor had interrupted another reporter.

“He was totally out of line last night. I was being asked a question from another reporter. I would have gotten to him very quickly. And he stood up and started ranting and raving like a madman,” Trump said. “He was totally, absolutely out of line.”

Lauer then asked Trump why he had reignited his feud with Kelly, who returned from vacation this week. Trump took her return to the anchor desk as an opportunity to attack her on Twitter, saying Kelly was “really off her game.”

“It seemed like, in an unprovoked attack, you went back after her questioning her appearance, her performance and then retweeting a very unflattering comment about her that called her a bimbo,” Lauer said. “Why have you let Megyn Kelly get so far under your skin?

“It starts to sound like you’re a guy with a schoolyard crush,” Lauer added. 

The reality TV star denied he was antagonizing the Fox News personality because of a romantic interest.

“Trust me, Matt,” Trump said. “There is no crush. As far as I was concerned, she asked me questions that were totally inappropriate.”

Gabriel Arana is senior media editor at The Huffington Post.