'Late Night' Writer Vows To 'Take Red Hats Back' From Trump Supporters

"When people see me -- a portly, soft-chinned white male -- wearing a red hat from a distance, they assume the worst."

Late Night” writer Mike Karnell is on a mission to make red hats great again.

“I’d wager that most of, if not all of the audience members here have a red hat that they love,” he explained to host Seth Meyers on Monday. “And ever since [President Donald] Trump’s base started rocking those MAGA hats, we’ve had to keep them tucked away, out of fear that we’d be confused for one of them.”

“Well, that ends now,” Karnell went on. “Trump has taken so many things from me that I once loved ― the NFL, Kanye, the idea of having sex with a porn star. I’ve had enough.”

Using a line from Justin Timberlake’s 2006 hit “SexyBack,” Karnell hopes to “take red hats back” for good. “We’re in a culture war and I have to choose a side,” he said. But Meyers wasn’t convinced.

Check out the full clip above.