Donald Trump Tweeted 'Red Wave!' — And Twitter Users Brought The Snark

Apparently, Trump doesn't care that the color red is associated with Soviet Russia.

In an attempt to send a positive message to his base about the 2018 midterms, President Donald Trump attracted a lot of snarky comments that were positively hilarious.

Trump posted this tweet on Wednesday, predicting a “red wave” following Tuesday’s primaries in a handful of states:

Those two words, typed in all caps, were enough to inspire internet comedians to new heights of clapback.

Some used GIFs of classic Stephen King movies to express themselves.

A few people couldn’t help but remind Trump that the color red is associated with communism and Soviet Russia.

And for some, Trump’s comments inspired comparisons to a different kind of red wave.

One woman also made a compelling argument that Tuesday’s special election in Ohio didn’t qualify as a red wave, menstrually speaking.



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