Trump Reminds Us That Nuclear Warfare Isn't Retro

To many, until not too long ago nuclear warfare seemed like a worry of the past, something relegated to the dustbin of history along with the 8-track, boy bands, and frosted tips. That all changed when Donald Trump was selected as the Republican presidential nominee.


The thought of Trump with his finger on the nuclear button has reminded the American people of the ever-present threat of thermonuclear disaster. Donald Trump has proven time and again that he is completely unqualified to come anywhere near weapons that can wipe cities off the face of the Earth with the push of a button. This ill-tempered, misogynistic, bigoted, fear-mongering buffoon presents the single greatest threat to the future of the human race since the Black Plague - and that’s barely hyperbole.


With absolute authority over the United States’ nuclear arsenal, a President Trump would pose a threat to the nation and the world at large. Requiring nobody’s approval but that of the President, Trump in the White House would have unilateral power to launch nuclear strikes. Do you trust the guy that stays up until 3am tweeting about sex tapes that exist only in his head with the responsibility to control the means of humanity’s destruction?


It is absolutely critical that undecided voters understand the implications of a nuclear-armed Trump. That’s why these powerful posters (created by the talented Megan Kelley) warning of the dangers of Trump’s finger on the red button should be on every street corner in America. Just as they should remind us all of when the entire world lived in fear of nuclear annihilation at any minute, so too should they remind us that if we elect Donald Trump to the Presidency, the entire world will live in fear of nuclear annihilation at any minute.


If ever there was a reason to go out and vote, it’s to stop Donald Trump from getting his finger on the nuclear button. The specter of nuclear armageddon looms ever-larger with the possibility of a Trump administration - so let’s heed the warning of these posters and stop that from ever happening.


Stopping Trump starts at the ballot box; every American has a duty to the future to stop Trump’s atomic war before it starts by going out and voting on November 8.

The threat of nuclear warfare hasn’t gone away. But by going out and voting to keep Trump’s finger off of the nuclear button, this country can take the first step to make sure that the danger finally goes the way of frosted tips.

Looking to keep Trump's finger off of the nuclear button? Want to fight to eliminate the button entirely? Check out the #NoRedButton campaign.