Trump Reveals Innerworkings of a Narcissist’s Mind: Applies Uncertainty Principle to His Russia Scandal.

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“The President is aware of the situation in SE Asia. That is not to say there IS a situation in SE Asia”—Ron Zigler, Nixon Press Secretary, responding to questions about the secret bombing of Cambodia

Anyone interested in how a malignant narcissistic mind works to deny anything that may blemish the need to see himself as exalted, was treated today to a reveal that only psychiatrists usually get to hear. Follow Donald Trump’s mind’s path to see how he creates the delusions it requires for its own survival.

Trump’s self-image is under extreme pressure. His prior dealings, hidden in tax returns he will not reveal, may show him to be a money-launderer, in hock to major Russian interests, and/or a clueless foreign agent, easily manipulated. Facts that in the past his money or his mouth could trivialize (a skill, by the way, for which he is immensely proud) can no longer be so easily dismissed. Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor, and James Comey, the ousted FBI Director, are not poor Scottish farmers whom Trump could dismiss, lie, cheat or defame with impunity so he could build a golf course.

Narcissists’ psyches cannot take the pressure reality imposes. Anxiety rises sharply as plain facts do not support one’s delusions about one’s self. So, the response is to keep trying any and all tactics until something sticks. The pressure is then relieved. What “sticks” does not matter. Indeed, other than preservation of the narcissist’s psyche, nothing matters.

Here’s the most recent.

Warning: anyone normal trying to get their arms around it will suffer severe whiplash.

According to Trump’s latest gambit, if the Russians did hack and interfere with our election, no one could ever find out. So, it follows that, since we know they did it, they could not possibly have done it. To convince himself of that, all that is necessary is to elevate Russia’s abilities or denigrate our own, or both. Trump has made a habit of doing both. h

That “insight” leads “logically” to the conclusion that the investigation should stop. Either one discovers more Russian interference, proving it cannot possibly be true; or, one doesn’t discover it, in which case, they may have done it, but we can never know.

Buy this gambit, and the pressure on his narcissistic psyche is relieved. He would even give himself “extra credit” for having bamboozled the rest of us.

Donald Trump has routinely claimed brilliance, sometimes pointing to his uncle, an MIT professor of electrical engineering, for “proof”. If his uncle were smart, he, Donald, must be too. [Such an reach shows how insecure he is about himself].

The atomic physicist, Werner Heisenberg, is most famous for his principle of uncertainty that says, roughly, one cannot know with certainty both the position and momentum of subatomic particles because the act of measuring itself alters one or the other.

“Brilliant” Donald has now applied that general concept to his own scandal. The act of discovering the scandal proves it is not true. Hence, we are left, at best, with uncertainty.

Of course, Donald had no idea of what he was doing. The malignant narcissist mind is growing ever more desperate as its self-image is coming under increasing pressure.

When confronted with their own failings, malignant narcissists try to change the subject and impugn the integrity of whomever is raising those failings; that relieves the pressure. When that fails, they leave the stage, also relieving the pressure.

“Leaving the stage” is a awesome idea.