Pence Says Trump's Revised Immigration And Travel Ban Coming 'In A Few Days'

Yet the president and his team have claimed that the executive order is an urgent matter of national security and public safety.

President Donald Trump will sign a revised travel and immigration ban “in the next few days,” Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday after an administration official told CNN that the president’s team didn’t want the new order to overshadow positive feedback about his address to Congress on Tuesday. 

“I think we’re evaluating both the 9th Circuit’s decision and other considerations, and in the days ahead, we’ll have a revised order that will come out,” Pence said during an interview on “CBS This Morning.”

The vice president was referring to an executive order Trump signed in January that banned immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries and halted refugee resettlement. A federal judge in Seattle temporarily halted the ban last month. The Trump administration then unsuccessfully challenged the ruling, with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determining that the ban should remain on hold.

“The president is just determined to not only defend the first executive order in the courts, which we continue to believe is fully within his purview and in his presidential authority, but also to take that authority that is undisputed in the law within the executive order,” Pence said.  

The revised order was previously slated to be released Wednesday. However, a Trump administration official told CNN late Tuesday that it had been delayed in order to maximize positive coverage of Trump’s first address to Congress and to allow the executive order “to have its own ‘moment.’

Pence attributed the delay to administrative concerns. He would provide no details on major questions surrounding the new ban, such as whether the administration will add additional countries or restrictions.

“I don’t want to get ahead of the deliberation,” he said Wednesday. “I know that through a variety of agencies, they’re putting the finishing touches on the executive order, and it should be out in a few days.”

Trump and his team have claimed that the executive order is an urgent matter of national security and public safety.

“We live in a very dangerous world,” Pence said. “I was just in Europe meeting with leaders of many of our allies. We all recognize the threat of terrorism in the world, and President Trump is absolutely determined to do what we can in this moment to ensure the safety and security of the American people, put into place new vetting procedures, and the revised executive order will be reflective of that.”

The original ban, which was constructed after little consultation with federal agencies, was disastrously implemented and created mass confusion.

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