Twitter Users Mock Trump's Crazed All-Caps Tweet About Saving USPS

One person described the president's message as "Reverse Stockholm Syndrome: Hostage taker begins to sympathize with his victim."

President Donald Trump attempted to deflect attention away from his continued assault on mail-in voting and the U.S. Postal Service on Monday with ― what else? ― a tweet.

Even better, the tweet was all-caps ― the universally accepted internet sign that someone is being a tad ridiculous.

But the tweet may not have been enough to ease the minds of Americans worried that the Postal Service is being actively sabotaged ahead of the November election.

Recently, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy implemented policy changes that include the removal of some mail collection boxes and plans to take out some automatic mail-sorting machines. The Postal Service has warned 46 states and the District of Columbia that it may not be able to deliver all mailed ballots in time to be counted. And the president has scorned the idea of more funds for the agency.

As a result, many Twitter users were very, very skeptical of Trump’s tweet.

Amid public backlash, the Postal Service said Sunday that it would postpone collection box removal for 90 days. 



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