Trump Says It's Hillary And The Media And Not His Billy Bush Bragging Doing Him In

The Trump fans also echo Trump’s words that his victims coming forward with claims of sexual assault are all part of a Clinton/media conspiracy against him, Yup, it’s all Hillary’s fault. For it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that his foot-swapping stupid mouth had anything to do with all his victims coming forward.

Here’s the Donald blabbing to the world how he accosts women by feeling them up and giving them uninvited kisses on the lips. Trump even bragged about being the boss of beauty pageants and how he would walk into the dressing rooms unannounced to catch all the young women in different stages of undress – because he could do anything for he’s Donald Trump, the big deal. Of course, after he was heard bragging about his adventures as a voyeur, it outraged some of the contestants enough to now come forward and denounce the creep. To make matters worse, Trump then lies about it during the debate and further infuriates his victims. Many of them had difficulty watching Trump looking directly into the camera and denying his actions with such conviction it takes his abuse to the level of also humiliating his victims as liars. And this is all after the Dumb Donald is heard bragging about the very actions, assaults, these women are claiming against him, the admitted male chauvinist pig.

It turned out the most important question of the debate was when Anderson Cooper asked Trump (and kept pressing until he got an answer) if he had, in fact, carried out any of the actions that Trump referred to as locker room talk. It was Trump’s emphatic denial to Cooper that emboldened the women he has allegedly assaulted over the years to come out and share their stories of Trump’s sexual attacks, and his peeping tom invasions of privacy in the pageant dressing rooms to get a peek at the young women’s bodies.

Now because of Trump’s braggadocios remarks about being a Billionaire, soon following those who are truly victims of abuse by Trump are sure to be many others claiming to be assaulted by Gold finger – the man with the Midas touch. And the dummy brought this fickle finger of fate all upon himself! It’s poetic justice at its best. He lit himself on fire with the matches of his own making. Of course, as expected, all this means nothing to the Trump fan, remember these are the people who could see him shoot someone, and I guess now you can add -even rape someone on fifth avenue, and it wouldn’t mean a thing.

They are standing by their man because he’s going to get the black guy and all of his friends out of the White House as he throws 11 million brown people out of the country – for good. That’s Trump’s plan for making America great again.That’s right Trump has a lock on the bigot vote in this country and there not going anywhere. There is nothing that Trump could do or say, no matter how vulgar or dangerous, that would sway these people away from him. They are fans of his Hate. They show up at his rally in even bigger numbers when Trump is in the news with an even bigger scandal. They know the Trump Show will be even more outrageous with Trump’s uncivil attacks that are meant to incite and feed the frenzy of his fans. They love it when Trump gratuitously attacks Hillary Clinton, while portraying former President Bill Clinton in a manner that accurately describes his own assaults by his own admission. This is a Grammar School ploy being acted out by an adult running for President of the United States. It’s as though he’s the emotional little kid yelling out —blaming someone else for his own actions in an effort to hide his own guilt. Trump is a man accurately described by first lady Michelle Obama as lacking the basic standards of human decency ― and he wants to be our president.