Trump Mixes Up 'Consequential' With 'Consensual' In Tweet About New York Post Column

Twitter goes like, really wild over "enormously consensual presidency."

Just a day after he declared himself a “very stable genius” and “like, really smart,” President Donald Trump mixed up the word “consequential” with “consensual” in an embarrassing tweet.

The screwup appeared in a Sunday night tweet in which Trump praised a supportive column in the New York Post. Writer Michael Goodwin lauded Trump’s “enormously consequential presidency,” but Trump referred to it in his tweet as an “enormously consensual presidency.”

When Trump asked readers to check out the entire piece, he also mistakenly posted Goodwin’s email address instead of a link to the column. In addition, he used an ellipsis in his tweet to conveniently skip over Goodwin’s remark about his “own frustration” over Trump’s “missteps.”

Someone quickly noticed the gaffe before it was changed (and “missteps” added). By then, Twitter had gone wild and the hashtag #consensualpresidency was born. Several tweeters called it a “Freudian slip” because of Trump’s controversial “grab ’em by the pussy” comment to “Access Hollywood.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid couldn’t help but notice the timing of the phrase “consensual presidency” just as women were appearing in black at the Golden Globes to protest sexual harassment.

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