Trump Sharpie Memes Show How He Could Solve All His Problems With Pen

It all began during a hurricane briefing when the president showed a map that appeared edited to add Alabama to the storm path.

“Sharpie” memes have flooded Twitter, showing how President Donald Trump could resolve all his problems by editing them with a marker.

It all began with a hurricane briefing in the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon, when the president held up a map showing Hurricane Dorian’s trajectory that appeared edited to show the storm potentially affecting a portion of Alabama.

The president had incorrectly tweeted on Saturday that Alabama would likely be hit by the storm, and the National Weather Service issued a quick correction clarifying that the state would not see any impact from Dorian.

In Wednesday’s briefing, Trump claimed that the map — with an additional squiggle that looked as though it was drawn with a black Sharpie pen — showed the original forecast.

According to CNN, multiple earlier charts showing the storm’s original trajectory do not correspond with Trump’s map.

People on Twitter pointed out that the Alabama mistake is not the only error Trump can rectify with a marker. Below are some “solutions” to his other problems:

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