Trump Staffers, Venue Owners, Vendors...Beware! Trump Will Never Pay You.

DEMAND FULL PAYMENT IN ADVANCE, otherwise prepared to be screwed.,,.financially, that is.

With the last pre-election financial reporting period over, Donald Trump now has pretty much carte blanche to funnel donors' money to himself. By the time it is discovered, the money will have long disappeared into the black hole of Trump's finances, and any political fallout will be moot.

Political strategists trying to understand why Trump is pulling TV ad buys from key states have failed to grasp Trump's priorities. Why throw your money into ads when it could be enhancing one's own bank-account.

Anyone who is working for Trump who expects to get paid, any venue that leases its location for a Trump event, any vendor who supplies chairs, or tents, or food, or anything, any local police force that provides security and crowd control--you will never see a dime.

Hence, I would strongly advise you to demand full payment in advance, by wire-transfer, and make sure the money has reached your account before you do or supply anything.

Win or lose, Trump will not pay. He is all for working people and small business--except he off-shores his own manufacturing, purchases foreign steel, furnishes his hotels with foreign goods, and loves stiffing his own workers and vendors.

If you believe a 70 year old man is going to change his ways....well, then, I have some Trump steaks to sell you.