Trump Staffers Worried They'll Run Out Of Lies

The White House: Goodyear Satire Co.

Senior White House officials are concerned they'll run out of lies before the Trump administration is over.

"We've done great so far using up only four major lies in the first four days," explained top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway. "We did that and maintained a 100% positive approval rating among all voters."

"Oops, that makes four lies!" she lied bald-facedly. "Or was that three?"

Chief of Staff Steve Bannon has been burning the midnight oil to create new lies for Trump. "Between the fake news I'm putting out and these lies, I hardly have any time to make false twitter profiles for my weekend catfishing," the bachelor complained. "We've got a team in Moldova working on new lies but I'm not sure they can keep up."

"If we run out of lies," said Conway, "We'll just make sure Trump gets impeached. That circus will give us plenty of material for his re-election campaign."