Trump Stirs the Witches' Brew

If the Russia probe is a “witch hunt”:

Why have representatives of the Trump campaign and administration secretly met with Russians?

Why have those meetings been concealed, denied and misrepresented when discovered??

Why is there an investigation of Director Mueller and his staff in an effort to discredit them even before a report has been issued?

Why has the subject of pardons been researched and discussed with counsel?

Why is Trump so angry that Jeff Sessions (properly) recused himself from the Russia investigation?

Why was Director Comey fired for pursuing the Russia connection?

Why did Trump try to intimidate Comey by suggesting there might be tapes of their conversations?

Why did he clear the room before talking with Comey?

Why is he hinting that Mueller might be fired if he strays into Trump’s concealed taxes and finances?

Why is virtually every article on the subject characterized as “fake news”, even when supported by uncontroverted facts?

Why has Trump made no effort to explore the undisputed hacking (literally an attack) upon the United States?

Why has he been so reluctant to concede that the Russians were involved in the hacking?

Why has he chosen to seek friendship with Putin while alienating many of our close and long-standing allies?

Why if neither he nor his associates have done anything wrong is he so intent on shutting down the investigation rather than welcoming it?

Ultimately there may be no there there, but Trump’s conduct and tweets, in particular, certainly and appropriately give rise to suspicion and justify further investigation. Finally, if there is nothing there, why doesn’t the President of the United States answer these questions and put the matter to rest?

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