Twitter Users Have Wild Guesses After Trump Store Says 'Something Big Is Coming'

Trump critics troll the family store over its upcoming announcement.

The Trump Store is promising “something big,” apparently related to the upcoming Independence Day holiday.

And critics of President Donald Trump are gleefully trying to guess what it might be.

The Twitter feed for the store sent out a video filled with patriotic music and a variety of Trump products no doubt soon to be available for sale in time for the Fourth of July:

The store has come under fire for selling merch made overseas despite the Trump family’s often extensive use of patriotic imagery.

One analysis last year found just 15% of items sold at Trump Store were made in the United States.

Trump himself has also been accused of attempting to exploit the holiday for political gain over a reported plan for a July 4th celebration in which he would deliver a speech from the Lincoln Memorial.

Given that history along with the president’s mounting legal battles, Twitter users had their own ideas on what the store’s “big” announcement could be:

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