Trump Style: Insults and Domestic Abuse

As I watch Trump raging against Elizabeth Warren and other women it strikes me that his verbal abuse is very much in the spirit of "the battered wife" syndrome. "Ugly pig. Disgusting! Bleeder!" Crook! Who knows? Could be murderer?" Women? I love them. Women? They love me! etc." Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Then flash a smile. "You know I'm really a good guy - come here darlin' and let me' - whack - abuse - abuse - abuse. What American needs with Trump is not only an election that rejects him and his kind totally, but a restraining order. Trump's verbal abuse of the women he disdains is a version of domestic abuse. Give him a jeering crowd and there are no limits to his abuse. Go, Elizabeth Warren. Step up your game, Hillary. Bernie - focus on Trump. And America - just tell yourself that you don't deserve this kind of punishment for all your failings. It's not you - its him.