Patton Oswalt Sums Up Why Trump Trolls Are In For A Rude Awakening

It all started with a comment about the comedian's deceased wife.

One Trump supporter recently discovered that there are some lines you just do not cross. 

A Peoria, Illinois, real estate agent is reportedly out of a job after getting into a Twitter feud with Patton Oswalt and bringing the actor’s wife into it.

Oswalt’s wife, writer Michelle McNamara, died unexpectedly in her sleep last year. She was only 46.

The argument started when Twitter user Tony Brust decided he didn’t like Oswalt tweeting his support for Sally Yates, former acting attorney general, after she was fired for not supporting President Trump’s immigration ban.

“Oh [expletive], the little troll has an opinion again,” Brust wrote to Oswalt, according to Yahoo News. (Brust’s tweets are not available to view because his account has been deactivated.)

The political argument got personal after Brust sent the message: “I’m a psychic and I’m channeling his wife’s opinions.”

After that, Oswalt, who is an expert at trolling trolls, went off and began relentlessly hounding Brust, making crack after crack at his expense.

“Would’ve happily ignored Tony Brust if he hadn’t sent THIS Tweet. But he did and it caught me at a dark moment,” Oswalt wrote.

Oswalt’s response inspired others, and it wasn’t long before Brust deactivated his account. He was also fired, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The comedian recapped the incident in a powerful Facebook post, concluding that the Trump supporters who are excited to spew hate without consequences are in for a rude awakening.

“I’m afraid Peoria Realtor is going to be the first in a long line of Trumpers who will realize, on the other side of firings and divorces and black eyes, that Trump’s Teflon Umbrella covers Trump and no one else,” he wrote. “His cabinet and staff are going to learn that as well.”

“That might be fun,” said Oswalt. “Try to be nice. As far as that goes.”

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